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    As we all know, snakes are a bat’s natural enemy – they’ve been enemies ever since Mother Spacebat first flew into space all those years ago. The snakes are out in force to get you – you don’t know why, but you know you have to escape!

    Spacebat is an arcade style game where players must ‘tap ‘n flap’ their way through various levels, whilst dodging a range of enemies & obstacles. Faced against a challenging set of levels combined with an endless ‘survival’ mode, players must hone their skills in order to complete this unforgiving yet addictive game.


    • 4 challenging levels
    • Endless Survival mode – how long can you last?
    • 8 enemy snake types – varying deadly abilities.
    • Lethal in-game obstacles – Cannons, Lazers & more!
    • 3 special power-ups, including Spacebat’s deadly Super Dive.


    • Internet: Spacebat will need to use the ‘full network access’ permission in order to update automatically. It will also allow you to post your high scores to Facebook

    Please Note: Posting to Facebook is completely optional & requires further authorisation through Facebook’s own log in screen.


    Email us at support@hotboxgames.co.uk

    If you encounter any issues, please contact us via the feedback page before submitting a review.

    This is our first ever game.
    We really appreciate you taking the time to view this app and hope you have as much fun playing as we did creating it!

    – Hot Box Games

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    Boasts some bona fide hardcore challenges. – Hardcore Droid
    Fun, addictive arcade gameplay. 8.5/10 – Android Rundown
    You thought Super Meat Boy’s uber challenging gameplay was addicting?
    Wait till you meet the new action arcade game Spacebat. – Super Game Droid
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